I think this just means she never stopped being a bully at her heart though she grew up thinking she was a caring, good, compassionate person. Her last Facebook post shows that she’s never been any of those good things to which she attributes herself. And her defense is ridiculous, even if, let’s say, she didn’t bully you because you were Asian, she bullied you all the same and NOTHING she can say can justify what she did.

I was bullied during 4th and 5th grade in two different schools, and in high school for a semester too, and like you, I was trying to escape by reading books. These bullyings had nothing to do with my race, but this still doesn’t make what they did to me okay. I think you should only pity your bully from now on, because she hasn’t changed even a bit while you made something of yourself; while you matured, gaining strength and empathy. As for her, she’ll stay a bully all her life, and her hatred comes from knowing that deep inside.

Writer of the poetry book “The Anguish of an Oyster”. PhD candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa. www.ecemyucel.com

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