My poetry book “The Anguish of an Oyster” is published!

My beautiful book cover by my amazingly talented friend Fatih Yalın

So, it has finally happened! I’m a published author now! ^_^

Or should I say, a published poet, since my first book ever to be published turned out to be a poetry book? Yep. I created this baby. Yes, sir. I started writing poems when I was 9, and 22 years later, bam! Here it is! My debut poetry collection, The Anguish of an Oyster. By Ecem Yucel.

Joke aside, this is something so incredible that I still can’t believe it. I was also terrified to publish it as if the readers were this really good-looking, great guy I’ve fallen in love with a long time ago, and one drunk night, I finally blabbered that I’m in love with him (my poetry book being this blabbering in this metaphor), and now I’m at that decisive moment when I’m waiting for this guy to either reject me and leave me dead ~ or say that he loves me back. Likes me back? Loves spending time with me? I’ll go with anything that would spark hope in my poor heart.

So, here I am, my dearest fellow Medium writers and readers, as the Heart-Eater (the story character I once wrote) would do, I’ve ripped my heart out of my chest, and am offering it to you. So many of you have supported me for the last 3 years, made me want to read more, write more, laugh more, and love more. You have all inspired me with your beautiful stories and poems, with your encouragement and lovely comments. The only reason I’m still on Medium as a writer is that whenever I publish something, it feels like coming home to people that I love. If you weren’t here with me, this book, this dream of mine, wouldn’t come true. And I’m asking you for your support again, so that this dream that you all are a part of, can continue, maybe even turn into a bigger dream.

I truly hope you’ll continue this beautiful journey with me. Because there wouldn’t be a journey if you weren’t there with me. I’d just sit on the ground, under the blinding, brain-melting sun, as my jeans get dusty, and my face and arms get sunburned, thinking that I can never walk such distance. So, please help me up, and walk with me, and in return, I’ll do my best to create things you’ll enjoy.

The Anguish of an Oyster is now available on Amazon worldwide, both as an e-book and a paperback. It would mean so much to me if you added it to your shelf or e-reader library.

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And here is my new website, where I’ll share my updates, books, stories, and poems with you. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thank you, my dear fellow writers and readers, from the bottom of my heart for the friendship and support you’ve always given to me.

You’re the best.

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