Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Daphelba, I’m really happy that you liked the poem. :) I think I can sit down and write the whole story of these two, but I kinda like the idea of giving the readers a snapshot of a love story in this poem. As if they happened to be on the same bus, saw these two getting on the bus, and witnessed that one special moment they shared. I know I reveal more than just a moment of witnessing someone else’s life in the last stanza, but that’s the intriguing part I leave to the readers’ imagination.

I strongly agree with you. I’ve always seen love as something fleeting, I think, like in this poem, but I think that’s what makes it so precious. Though it’s fleeting, that one moment of warmth, of affection, which wraps around our hearts and drives us to write songs, poems, stories of love — or simply makes us remember these memories as vividly as we can after many years, makes falling in love worth experiencing. I think.

I hope I made sense. :D

Writer of the poetry book “The Anguish of an Oyster”. PhD candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa.

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