You’re a very strong and beautiful person Chris. Sometimes it is beyond our understanding how a person can be cruel or hateful like this one, or why. You’ve lost your husband, had and still having tough days, and she made you cry, but she is still your inferior because she doesn’t have your beautiful heart, your mercy, and your strength. I believe hurting people deliberately is a way to show one’s misery, weakness, and ugliness. With the way she behaved she already proved this true. She should feel bad about herself, not you, and she deserves to be pitied because she’s obviously incapable of having empathy. She can drown herself in her misery and treat others badly to feel better, but she’ll always be in vain while you’ll keep shining the way you do. ;)❤

Writer of the poetry book “The Anguish of an Oyster”. PhD candidate in Translation Studies at the University of Ottawa.

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